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We Deliver Custom Mobile Solutions


Mobility CG provides the latest innovative Healthcare technology available, advancing Patient Care one solution at a time.


Exceed customer expectations, maximize omni-channel strategy and boost efficiency, productivity and profitability with Retail Solutions..

Transport & Logistics

Our solutions for postal, courier, express, parcel & warehouse management help you increase service quality, productivity and asset utilization..

Federal Government

Mobility CG delivers the flexibility and protection that government agencies need to meet today’s evolving government technology..

Over 15 Years Of Experience in Mobile Strategy Planning

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Device Aquisition

Through discovery & strategic planning, we will build a mobile deployment plan & implement new networks, devices, and solutions that add functionality and capabilities to your existing systems.

Device Provisioning

Mobility CG will help you securely provision, kit, and configure your devices before they are deployed to geographically dispersed locations.


Custom kitting & labeling, asset tagging, replacement of DOA devices, inventory management, IMEI repotting & more.


Mobility CG offers a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach through best-in-class UEM, MDM, Secure file-sync-and-share (EFSS) & Secure Collaboration solutions, Secure networked alerting and more.