Mobile Device Acquisition

Mobility CG specializes in sourcing industry leading & affordable solutions for our Enterprise & Federal customers.  Through discovery & strategic planning, we will build a mobile deployment plan & implement new networks, devices, and solutions that add functionality and capabilities to your existing systems.

Mobile Device Provisioning

Mobility CG will help you securely provision, kit, and configure your devices before they are deployed to geographically dispersed locations. Provisioning includes SIM order & activation management, software upgrade / downgrade, custom device setup, MDM enrollment & provisioning.


Custom kitting & labeling, asset tagging, replacement of DOA devices, inventory management, IMEI repotting & more.  A Quality Assurance (QA) process is followed to ensure that 100% of devices have been tested prior to kitting and regular Quality Control (QC) checks have been conducted on all components of the logistics process.


Cellular Network Coverage

Mobility CG can assist you with continuous reliable cellular network coverage all US Domestic & Global Carriers.  Mobility CG can offer solutions within existing carrier negotiated contracts as well as new wholesale & dual carrier service offerings.


Mobility CG offers a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach through best-in-class UEM, MDM, Secure file-sync-and-share (EFSS) & Secure Collaboration solutions, Secure networked alerting, crisis communication and response solutions, Secure mobile container & Cybersecurity & threat mitigation solutions.  This suite of Security solutions enables our customers with unprecedented unified endpoint management and policy control for their diverse and growing fleet of devices and applications.


Asset Management

Our award-winning inventory management system is available to all customers for inventory of all accountable property to be tracked and reported upon for the lifecycle of the contract – from initial distribution, to replacement of defective, damaged, or missing devices, to final collection upon completion of operations.

Buyback & Decommissioning

With Mobility CG buyback, you’ll get maximum residual value to be used against your new device rollouts.  Devices can also be sanitized and factory reset in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 Rev 1.

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